Thursday 21 June 2018

Team Aroha 5: Bubblegum Dance crew in the house!

Tena koutou Aroha 5 whanau

Week 6 Rowandale sure was in for another awesome treat. In fact we had two assemblies back to back.  Beginning with our Friday morning school assembly lead by team Aroha secondly was all eyes on 
" The Bubblegum dance crew!!" Wahoo!!!
In support of our Aroha's inquiry topic 
" What is so special about water?" Our Aroha roopu performed a fantastic skit that involved two children from each class representing their creative props. 
 Aroha 5's contribution was a creation of our very own Aroha pool in reflection of everyone having fun swimming and floating in a pool of water. 

Well done tamariki ma! 

Congratulations Philip in receiving one of many school certificates" Duffy's Caught being in good" along with Tyreese in achieving a
" School Participation award."

"Ka rawe !"

Wahoo! The Bubblegum dance crew is in the house!

So proud of our energetic Izrael proudly representing Aroha 5 busting his moves having fun in our Rowandale's dance off! 

Lets give it up for these awesome dedicated dancers aged between 10 and 13 years of age proudly  wearing the name Bubblegum.

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  1. Congratulations Philip and Tyreese for receiving class certificates. Great Job Aroha 5 keep it up also Aroha 8 loved your pool’s picture well done ����