Sunday 2 September 2018

Room 5 : Team Aroha 5 celebrate Father's Day with A6 and A7!

In celebration of Father's Day Team Aroha implemented a different idea this year. 
Today we invited Father's, Mother's, Grandmother's, Uncles, Aunties whoever played a fatherly role to engage with their loved ones to participate in our elective rotations. This is where they have the opportunity to explore a couple of rooms from Aroha by participating in various fun events, finishing off at their own classroom. In Aroha 5 we provided learning experiences based around manipulative play. 
I noticed one of the favourites everyone enjoyed playing was " Kei a wai" Who has this super symbol? Thank you Aroha 6 and Aroha 7 whanau for your valuable time Aroha 5 are glad you had so much. 

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