Tuesday 11 December 2018

Room 5: Thank you so much Eliki's fanau !!!

Today Whaea Natalie ( Eliki's mother) surprised Aroha 5 with a special taonga.  
Each taonga had child's first initial letter of their name embroidered onto the front. 
Feeling so excited they showed their PRIDE VALUES and quickly placed their taonga onto their bags. What a great way to symbolise our AROHA 5 whanau for 2018!

Feeling so blessed to have such a lovely caring parent who's alway supports their children's learning and engages with school celebrations... 

You rock Whaea Natalie and your awesome family. Thank you all for being part of our amazing learning journey this year!


  1. Aww :) you are all very welcome aroha 5! Going to miss all of you next year as everyone moves into new classes ❤️ It’s been a wonderful year getting to know each one of you and especially your two amazing teachers. They have done amazing helping you all learn and grow into your own little personality’s. Being able to help out and being apart of Aroha 5 has been a highlight for this year. I wish you all the best for next year and hope to still see your happy smiles. Don’t forget to say hi ❤️

    - Whaea Natalie (Elikis Mum)

  2. Wow how lucky are you #Aroha5 ... blessed to see amazing parents at @RowandaleSchool sharing the love with our students!