Sunday, 25 November 2018

Room 5: Week six over and out!

Kia ora koutou katoa Aroha five whanau,

It is now week six and we are having a blast...

Thank you Manurewa West Kindergarten for your lovely gift, that was such a nice surprise. 
We look forward to having your kindy children transitioning from your kura.  
Keep up the awesome mahi Ruth and MWK team!

Some of the highlights this week in Aroha five was having fun exploring multi sensory learning activities in support of Maths concepts such as fractions, number recognition and shapes...

In fact we had friends from other classes spontaneously join us almost every morning straight after the first bell.  To engage in learning about fractions and number recognition through cutting up a whole fruit or a vegetable into pieces and counting the candles from a birthday cake.    Learning outcomes :  Children learnt to problem solve e.g.,  if you cut in half an apple.  How many pieces do you have?   Two halves equal one whole. 
They are learning to write 1/2 +1/2 = 2/2 or 1 whole.

Izrael's phonics and sounds time!!!

One of Aroha five's favourite books is listening to the " Animal sound book!" Whom our little gem Izrael excitedly asked in his own words if he can read it the class.  How can I refuse such a cheerful smile.  So proud of you Izrael for taking the lead at phonics and sounds time.  Aroha five sure had fun recognising and sounding out the animal names along with breaking them down into their syllables.  Thank you Izrael,  you sure had the whole class attention and showing their PRIDE values. " Well done!"

Space exploration time!!!

In support of our Inquiry Learning based on exploring space and extending our understanding of it.   Aroha five made connections with the Maori legend story " Maui and the Sun"  to the Solar system by creating our version of a Maori Sun and placing it right in the middle of our master piece so planets can orbit around it.
" Ka mau te wehi tamariki ma!"

Friendly reminder whanau, can we please ensure reading books, note books, book bags are signed, completed and returned on a daily basis.

Healthy options for kai please

 Swimming days are Tuesday's and Friday's. 

See you all at school.

 Have a fantastic day whanau. 

Take care 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Room 5: Wahoo!!! Its Friday School assembly

Congratulations Katelyn for receiving class PRIDE Participation award and Harlym for receiving the Duffy caught being good certificate at our Friday school assembly.

" Tino pai tamariki ma!"

Thank you Mrs Murray for making a difference at Rowandale school.  Happy maternity leave!
 You will be missed. 
We can't wait to see your blessings very soon...

To our lovely teacher aide Whaea Nellie who was presented a small token in appreciation of everything you do by the man himself Mr Naidoo. 

What an awesome way to end this week exploring art by creating our very own twinkle stars in support of our topic  around" Space!" 
Aroha 5 learnt that two triangles, one facing down can make a star just like how the Sun is a star too. They also enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by using glitter, glue and staying in the line of their masterpiece.

" Ka rawe to mahi tamariki ma!"

Room 5: Sharing our Taonga: Tokelauan performance



In celebration of embracing diverse cultures around the world through art, music and dance performances...

Aroha 5 and their buddy class Whakapono 20 have been practicing since last term and now can proudly reveal what all the shaking and stomping was all about!!!

Today they proudly performed a Tokelauan dance taking it to the next level...


What a special cultural moment captured by our school, family members and local community.

Thank you to all our Aroha and Whakapono fanau that came together in preparation for this blessed moment... 

Natalie ( Elikis Mum) you are so amazing, thank you for helping making our hula skirts, head pieces,  arm bands and necklaces ...

Mrs Hurrell ( Whakapono parent) totally loved the boys Ei katu you made for the boys...

Thank you to our awesome staff members who stayed up endlessly to make everything run smoothly.  Our Zumba Queen Mrs Sagote your sewing skills and choreographing were on tack.  Whaea Nellie for  sharing your love by donating your sewing machine to the school and our beautiful rock from the Cook Islands Whaea Maddie who taught us all how to make hula skirts , Ei katu and necklaces by hand...

All made with so much love!!!


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Room 5: Exploring Stardome Observatory and Planetarium!!!

Aroha 5!!! Exploring Stardome Observatory and Planetarium!!!

Tena koutou katoa Aroha 5 whanau and friends.  
It is week three and we off to explore the Stardome observatory and planetarium with Aroha three, four and fifteen.

What a great way to support our topic for term four " Space explorers!" 

Our curious learners experienced so much fun from the time getting on the bus making it click and travelling to our excursion and back to school. 

 At the beginning of this term one of the questions shared was " What do you know about Space? In response of this from Aroha 5 was " Ummm it is black, the Sun looks like lava, the sky has stars. 
Through engaging and participating at the Stardome observatory and planetarium this has extended our curious learner's thinking. Such as being introduced to so many interesting facts about space starting with the basics of what is in the night sky. Along with the Earth is made of rocks just like Mercury, Venus and Mars. Furthermore the big planets are known as the gas giants. Wow!It will take 12 years to get to Neptune and robots live on Mars.
How exciting to observe some of our Aroha tamariki role play in being a planet from the solar system. 
Aroha 5 also learnt that the moon is our neighbour and the Sun is not a planet but a star...
Some of our interests captured was exploring looking into a mirror from 1940. A Chapman and Clarke search light used during the Second World War and how gravity effects movement by using a ball...