Monday 12 November 2018

Room 5: Wahoo!!! Its Friday School assembly

Congratulations Katelyn for receiving class PRIDE Participation award and Harlym for receiving the Duffy caught being good certificate at our Friday school assembly.

" Tino pai tamariki ma!"

Thank you Mrs Murray for making a difference at Rowandale school.  Happy maternity leave!
 You will be missed. 
We can't wait to see your blessings very soon...

To our lovely teacher aide Whaea Nellie who was presented a small token in appreciation of everything you do by the man himself Mr Naidoo. 

What an awesome way to end this week exploring art by creating our very own twinkle stars in support of our topic  around" Space!" 
Aroha 5 learnt that two triangles, one facing down can make a star just like how the Sun is a star too. They also enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by using glitter, glue and staying in the line of their masterpiece.

" Ka rawe to mahi tamariki ma!"

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  1. Thanks for your awesome blog #Aroha5 about what you have been up to at @RowandaleSchool this week ... #CelebratingSuccess #Awards #MissMurray #WhaeaNellie #Thanks #Space