Thursday 21 June 2018

Team Aroha 5: Bubblegum Dance crew in the house!

Tena koutou Aroha 5 whanau

Week 6 Rowandale sure was in for another awesome treat. In fact we had two assemblies back to back.  Beginning with our Friday morning school assembly lead by team Aroha secondly was all eyes on 
" The Bubblegum dance crew!!" Wahoo!!!
In support of our Aroha's inquiry topic 
" What is so special about water?" Our Aroha roopu performed a fantastic skit that involved two children from each class representing their creative props. 
 Aroha 5's contribution was a creation of our very own Aroha pool in reflection of everyone having fun swimming and floating in a pool of water. 

Well done tamariki ma! 

Congratulations Philip in receiving one of many school certificates" Duffy's Caught being in good" along with Tyreese in achieving a
" School Participation award."

"Ka rawe !"

Wahoo! The Bubblegum dance crew is in the house!

So proud of our energetic Izrael proudly representing Aroha 5 busting his moves having fun in our Rowandale's dance off! 

Lets give it up for these awesome dedicated dancers aged between 10 and 13 years of age proudly  wearing the name Bubblegum.

Thursday 14 June 2018

Team Aroha 5: Thank you Kids Can

Today Aroha 5 surprisingly received brand new warm warrior rain jackets absolutely free. In which  were supplied from the fantastic "Kidscan!" 
Thank you Whaea Lois and your amazing helpers in distributing to all classes.
Our tamariki ma would like to say " Thank you Kidscan!"


Sunday 3 June 2018

Team Aroha 5: Our first excursion for this term to Odd one out!

It is Week 5 and we are off on our first excursion!!!
This week Aroha 5 and the rest of our Aroha roopu were fortunate to go on an excursion to see a show called " Odd One Out" held at the Vodafone event centre.
Thanks to Second Nature Charitable trust who sponsored the show which made our trip to the show absolutely " FREE"
What a great experience it was having fun travelling by bus and being introduced to a live theatre performance..
Odd one out is about...
Three curious characters that live a busy life in a world where everything has a purpose and place… until one day, an odd character arrives and things start to change.
Suddenly their world is full of things that don’t belong anywhere! 
What will the Odd One Out do next and will anything ever be the same again?
In this non-verbal performance Aroha 5 shared an experience in a new world through the vibrant and bubbly characters. 
In which amongst our group discussions it was discovered with the characters that being different isn’t bad.
In fact, it can be exciting! 

Furthermore Aroha 5 learnt concepts of same or different along with colour recognition, numeracy skills,  problem solving, cognitive development and social skills..

Odd One Out is also  part of a fantastic family programme Auckland Live Kids 2018.

Team Aroha 5: Sneak peek of Samoan celebration

Talofa lava Aroha 5 fanau, here is a sneak peek of special moments captured on the last day in celebration of Samoan language week. WOW!! Our school assembly was such a great success full of words of wisdom, entertainment and joy....
Thank you to the board, our guest speakers along with our awesome parents and fanau from our local community in sharing this great cultural experience with us all. 
 In conclusion to this, a massive delicious feast was put on. 
 Made with so much love from the Rowandale staff, parents, families and our wider community.
Fa'afetai lava tele. 
Now Sit back and enjoy!!!

Team Aroha 5: Celebrating Gagana Samoa 2018


In celebration of Samoan language week 
Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa 2018.
Aroha 5 had so much fun learning alongside each other experiencing different cultural settings while demonstrating their PRIDE values such as singing the Savalivali pesi, giving it a go in pronouncing Samoan greetings and colours.  We totally enjoyed participating with our buddy class Whakapono 20 in preparation of making a Samoan dish known as Koko alaisa / Cocoa rice in which consisted of Samoan koko,  2 cans of Samoan coconut cream, water, rice, with a little bit of sugar topped off with lemon leaves. Along with our yummy fresh buns from our famous Mins  Clendon bakery.  While we patiently waited for our koko alaisa to cook. Aroha 5 paired up with their buddies  to create their very own Aute patterns using collage.
 Well done! Manaia ! Beautiful!
What an awesome way to value and respect Samoan culture.
Cheee!!! Hoooo!!!

Aroha 5 Totally satisfied with nice full tummies:)

 Sloan and Eliki washing their hands after eating our delicious koko alaisa.