Saturday, 27 October 2018

Room 5: Malo Ni Happy Tokelau language week 2018!

Malo Ni! 

In celebration of Tokelau language week. 
During morning and afternoon roll check time Aroha 5 embraced this beautiful Pasifika culture by learning to pronounce Malo Ni! Hello! Through exploring Art and music we learnt to recognise and identify the colours and symbols of the Tokelaun flag.  Along with making connections and similarities from a Tokelaun dance performance with our own personal experiences such as the costumes worn from cartoon characters from the Moana for e.g. Maui and Lilo.  Furthermore with the help of our awesome buddy class Room 20. Aroha 5 have become confident in dancing to a Tokelaun action song called "Lakalaka!"
 Awesome dancing Aroha 5! 
Keep it up !! Chee Hoo!!

Thank you so much to Eliki and his beautiful family for your support in celebration of Tokelau language week. 
Your Tokelaun outfits looked amazing !!!

Fakafetai Fakafetai lahi lele

Monday, 22 October 2018

Room 5: In celebration of Niue and Diwali language week!

In celebration of Niue and Diwali language week Aroha 5 enjoyed experiencing a lot of cultural learning such as how to greet each other in different languages, count from 1 to 10 in Niuean, sing the Niuean action song Tipaio,  recognising and creating our own country flags for both countries, reading a big book about Diwali celebration and remembering what each day represents, along with recognising the different shapes and sizes, and range of colours in Rangoli patterns...

 To top if off Friday assembly marking the end of Niue and Indian language week. WOW!!! Rowandale school sure does have hidden Talent!!!
Thank you to everyone that performed and helped out to make this day possible.
 Aroha 5 just couldn't stop talking about all the awesome performances. Well done!!! 

Room 5: Niuean Coconut scraping with our buddy class!!!

One of the highlights of celebrating Niue language week was learning how to make fresh coconut cream with our buddy class Room 20.  The main resources required were 2 coconuts, a big bowl, muslin cloth or other option was tea towel, sharp knife and a coconut scraper. 

 Thank you Mr Sagote for sharing your valuable knowledge.
 Aroha 5 really enjoyed your interesting show and tell. Your demonstration of how to use the Coconut scraper safely, the preparation required for making fresh coconut cream. 
Surely made a lot of happy taste testers!

Thank you Room 20 for always providing that sense of belonging !!!

Fakaaue Fakaue lahi!

Room 5: Welcome back fanau it is flag raising ceremony time!

Welcome back Aroha 5 !!!

What a great start for Term 4 by celebrating raising of the flag for  the opening of  Niue and Indian language week.

Today Aroha 5 had fun learning to sing along the Niuean and Indian National anthems followed by listening to students and a Niuean parent share some cultural facts about both countries. 
What a beautiful cultural experience embracing and respecting both ethnicities. We can't wait to learn more...


Room 5: Niuean Police officers supporting local community

Niuean  surprise!!!

Today we were very fortunate to have a few Niuean police officers come visit our school to teach our Niuean group a Niuean war dance " Takalo".  In fact one of them being our awesome principle's Karl Vasau's first cousin Constable Mc Dade. Chee Hooo!!! Well done Aroha 5 for showing your PRIDE values at our school assembly! Keep it up! 
Maybe one day you may grow up and become an awesome police officer too...

Room 5: Cross country New entrance champions



Congratulations to Aroha 5 for trying their best at our school cross country. So proud of you all!
Rain or shine it must go on. 
Was great to see everyone turn up in their house colours and being so creative with their dress ups.  Although it wasn't the best weather however we sure had brave runners out there powering it through...  
 Well done to our awesome boys for taking out 
1st Rezhan 2nd Lazarus 3rd Samuel 4th Laupo and 5th Harlym placings in the new entrance division.
" Ka mau te wehi tamariki ma!"
Overall house winner went to " Kakapo!"
Kakariki green in the house!!! Hooray!!!

Room 5: Duffy Theatre time!!!

It's Duffy theatre time!!!

Today Aroha 5 learnt to sing the " Duffy song using sign language along with watching the show called 
"Duffy and the cloak bay bully!"

A brief summary of the show was about a boy called Duffy. At the cloak bay where he is dealing with some pre-match nerves. He has made it into the school soccer (football) team and the butterflies in his stomach feel as though they may be a little more than nerves, lucky Duffy has a good book to keep him company in the wharepaku! But something is wrong, Duffy meets a young girl named Melanie who is having nightmares because she keeps watching scary movies and she is also being bullied at school. 
Duffy vows to help Melanie and through the power of reading, he shows both Melanie and her bully that they have a lot in common, they like the same stories and have the same struggles! 

Here at Rowandale school we do not tolerate any form of bullying. We encourage our tamariki to always use their PRIDE values and to have fun learning alongside each other...

Room 5: Week 9 Duffy Role model assembly

This week at our Duffy role model assembly our special guest speaker being Marc Duffy. 
An awesome advocate that works alongside school services and social networks in support of making a difference with our youth learners...
Congratulations to Tumanako Room 14 for winning" Best Duffy Box chosen by Marc Duffy himself. " Wahoo!!! Well done Whaea Lois so proud of your tamariki ma... The theme being " What I appreciate / love about my teacher / What I would miss about my teacher... 
Congratulation Lazarus for receiving Aroha 5's "Duffy caught being good certificate."
Tino pai to mahi!