Monday 22 October 2018

Room 5: Niuean Police officers supporting local community

Niuean  surprise!!!

Today we were very fortunate to have a few Niuean police officers come visit our school to teach our Niuean group a Niuean war dance " Takalo".  In fact one of them being our awesome principle's Karl Vasau's first cousin Constable Mc Dade. Chee Hooo!!! Well done Aroha 5 for showing your PRIDE values at our school assembly! Keep it up! 
Maybe one day you may grow up and become an awesome police officer too...


  1. Fakaaue Lahi #Aroha5 for your amazing blog that covered what @RowandaleSchool and your class did and enjoyed about Niue Language Week 2018 ... we were so blessed to have the Niuean NZ Police Officers here with us ... Monuina e aho fanau

  2. You were so lucky to have the Niuean NZ Police Officers come to visit and do the Takalo for you. I know you would have showed your PRIDE by being a good audience.