Monday, 17 September 2018

Room 5: Kia kaha Te Reo Maori

In support of keeping Te Reo Maori alive Aroha 5 have been learning alot of kupu hou for example as part of our visual arts we decided to create our very own Maori Tiki / Pounamu to wear at our school performance on Friday. 
On a daily basis we would
sing a Maori greeting waiata after our karakia timatanga. Followed by learning the days of the week, body parts waiata and colours in te reo Maori. I noticed one of Aroha 5's favourites was learning geometry concepts in which was focused around different shapes and sizes. How the kemu (game) is played starts with everyone sitting down in a porowhita (circle) you close your eyes and put your hand in the shape bag.  You feel around to grab a shape. This is the fun part you have to guess what shape it is by feeling whether the object has any corners or angles and how many sides can you feel. When you are ready to confirm your answer will say it out aloud and open your eyes. Everyone had so much fun learning Maori words for shapes.
Tino pai tamariki ma!!!

Room 5: Week 8 The opening of " Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

This morning at the opening assembly for Maori language week school we were fortunate to have Matua Maania Hungahunga blessing us all with a karakia timatanga followed by a himene.
Thank you Matua Maania,  Whaea Lois and Whaea Isabelle for your words of wisdom and displaying the usage of a few Maori artifacts. In fact it was very interesting to hear some of our older tamariki share historical research around Te Ao Maori in support of keeping the flame alive for te reo.
It was great to see Aroha 5 showing their pride values while standing loud and proud singing the National anthem in te reo Maori followed by listening to a few of the kapa haka students singing a waiata. 
Ka mau te wehi! Aroha 5!
In conclusion to this assembly was the raising of the Maori flag in which we watched from a far...

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Room 5: Week 7 Celebrating Tongan language week

It has come to an end for Week 7 and also celebrating Tongan language week / Uike Katoanga'i ' o e Lea Faka - Tonga.
Aroha 5 sure had fun creating our very own Tongan kiekie,  this not only supported learning in visual arts but with mathematical concepts such as comparing different shapes and sizes, colour recognition, sequences, corners and angles. In fact we had so much fun we decided to participate at the school assembly by performing a Tongan greeting song.
 So proud of Aroha 5 for showing their PRIDE values and embracing Tongan culture. 
Thank you to our Tongan community for coming together to celebrate with us all. What a nice way to end with a massive feast made with so much love. Malo aupito!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Room 5: Aroha 5 Whakatauki

Whakatauki / Proverb

So proud of Aroha 5 
Learning a Maori Whakatauki in support of 
 " Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori!"

" Ka rawe to mahi tamariki ma!"

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Room 5: Tongan Parent consultation evening 2018

This evening at our Tongan parent consultation  was all about our Tongan families coming together to hear their voices in support of their children's learning and strengthening our relationships within our local community.
Our children that were present sure had fun exploring Aroha 5 such as playing card games, puzzles, constructive play, colouring a variety of different Tongan pattern designs.  While their parents and caregivers were having their own fun with our awesome school principal Mr Vasau and some of our fantastic staff in the staffroom. 
Followed by having a  delicious meal altogether and ending with a closing prayer.

Room 5: The Opening of Tongan Language week

Celebrating Tongan Language Week 2018

 Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e Lea Faka-Tonga 

Great start for week 7 with the opening of our Tongan language week flag raising assembly.
What an amazing cultural experience it was, listening to young Tongan students embracing their mother tongue and sharing the significance of their cultural wear along with standing loud and proud singing the Tongan National anthem.
Today Aroha 5 learnt to say " Malo e lelei ( Hello) and "Fefe hake? ( How are you?) 
We are in the process of creating our very own Tongan Kiekie...

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Room 5: School Assembly celebrating Duffy Father's Day awards and spot prizes!

Congratulations to you all!!!

Fantastic! Skylah for receiving Aroha 5 participation certificate.
Great job! Katelyn for receiving Aroha 5 caught being good "Duffy" certificate.

Awesome surprise! Ephraim and your super dad who looked so cool wearing his flash big bright glasses for winning one of the Duffy Father's day spot prizes.
Wahoo!!! Thank you to all the sponsors who supported this great cause. 

Well done to all the amazing Father's and dearest mother, tamariki who also won awards and were acknowledged at this special time. 
It sure was an emotional time for us all especially listening to some of team Tumanako's father's day writing. 
What awesome writers we have at Rowandale! Last but not least thank you to Aroha 5 whanau for attending our week 6 school assembly. We hope you enjoyed it and keep up the good work reading with your children and supporting them with their spelling words. Great to see their book bags coming back on a daily basis. " Ka pai!"
Have a blessed joyful Father's day everyone!!!

Room 5: Aroha 5 celebrating Father's day / Wacky hair day / Daffodil day!

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Kia Orana, Ni sa bula vinaka, Faka lofa lahi atu, Malo e lelei, Malo ni warm greetings to you all!!!

Thank you so much Aroha 5 Whanau for coming today. What an awesome way to end this month celebrating Father's Day, Wacky Hair day and Daffodil day. WOW!!! Our tamariki ma sure looked amazing in their yellow funky outfits.
 In result of this good cause Rowandale raised $643.20 for Daffodil day, it just keeps getting better...It was great to meet some of our fantastic fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunties and sisters who all play an important role with their loved one's learning. The smile on our Aroha 5 faces were priceless!

Thank you for the delicious kai
 " Manaakitanga!"

Just like one big happy family!

I hope you all enjoyed your Father's day card our tamariki made just for you. That special person who they see as their father figure!

Room 5 : Team Aroha 5 celebrate Father's Day with A6 and A7!

In celebration of Father's Day Team Aroha implemented a different idea this year. 
Today we invited Father's, Mother's, Grandmother's, Uncles, Aunties whoever played a fatherly role to engage with their loved ones to participate in our elective rotations. This is where they have the opportunity to explore a couple of rooms from Aroha by participating in various fun events, finishing off at their own classroom. In Aroha 5 we provided learning experiences based around manipulative play. 
I noticed one of the favourites everyone enjoyed playing was " Kei a wai" Who has this super symbol? Thank you Aroha 6 and Aroha 7 whanau for your valuable time Aroha 5 are glad you had so much.