Thursday 6 September 2018

Room 5: Tongan Parent consultation evening 2018

This evening at our Tongan parent consultation  was all about our Tongan families coming together to hear their voices in support of their children's learning and strengthening our relationships within our local community.
Our children that were present sure had fun exploring Aroha 5 such as playing card games, puzzles, constructive play, colouring a variety of different Tongan pattern designs.  While their parents and caregivers were having their own fun with our awesome school principal Mr Vasau and some of our fantastic staff in the staffroom. 
Followed by having a  delicious meal altogether and ending with a closing prayer.

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  1. Thank you #Aroha5 and Mrs Williams for this awesome blog on the Tongan Parents Meeting at @RowandaleSchool ... thank you to you and Mrs Hawley-Simmonds for looking after the kids in the Creche ... Always powerful to collect parent voices!