Monday 17 September 2018

Room 5: Kia kaha Te Reo Maori

In support of keeping Te Reo Maori alive Aroha 5 have been learning alot of kupu hou for example as part of our visual arts we decided to create our very own Maori Tiki / Pounamu to wear at our school performance on Friday. 
On a daily basis we would
sing a Maori greeting waiata after our karakia timatanga. Followed by learning the days of the week, body parts waiata and colours in te reo Maori. I noticed one of Aroha 5's favourites was learning geometry concepts in which was focused around different shapes and sizes. How the kemu (game) is played starts with everyone sitting down in a porowhita (circle) you close your eyes and put your hand in the shape bag.  You feel around to grab a shape. This is the fun part you have to guess what shape it is by feeling whether the object has any corners or angles and how many sides can you feel. When you are ready to confirm your answer will say it out aloud and open your eyes. Everyone had so much fun learning Maori words for shapes.
Tino pai tamariki ma!!!

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