Sunday 3 June 2018

Team Aroha 5: Celebrating Gagana Samoa 2018


In celebration of Samoan language week 
Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa 2018.
Aroha 5 had so much fun learning alongside each other experiencing different cultural settings while demonstrating their PRIDE values such as singing the Savalivali pesi, giving it a go in pronouncing Samoan greetings and colours.  We totally enjoyed participating with our buddy class Whakapono 20 in preparation of making a Samoan dish known as Koko alaisa / Cocoa rice in which consisted of Samoan koko,  2 cans of Samoan coconut cream, water, rice, with a little bit of sugar topped off with lemon leaves. Along with our yummy fresh buns from our famous Mins  Clendon bakery.  While we patiently waited for our koko alaisa to cook. Aroha 5 paired up with their buddies  to create their very own Aute patterns using collage.
 Well done! Manaia ! Beautiful!
What an awesome way to value and respect Samoan culture.
Cheee!!! Hoooo!!!

Aroha 5 Totally satisfied with nice full tummies:)

 Sloan and Eliki washing their hands after eating our delicious koko alaisa.

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  1. We are so lucky to have Aroha 5 as our Buddy class. They have really bonded well. Way to go Aroha 5.