Monday 22 October 2018

Room 5: In celebration of Niue and Diwali language week!

In celebration of Niue and Diwali language week Aroha 5 enjoyed experiencing a lot of cultural learning such as how to greet each other in different languages, count from 1 to 10 in Niuean, sing the Niuean action song Tipaio,  recognising and creating our own country flags for both countries, reading a big book about Diwali celebration and remembering what each day represents, along with recognising the different shapes and sizes, and range of colours in Rangoli patterns...

 To top if off Friday assembly marking the end of Niue and Indian language week. WOW!!! Rowandale school sure does have hidden Talent!!!
Thank you to everyone that performed and helped out to make this day possible.
 Aroha 5 just couldn't stop talking about all the awesome performances. Well done!!! 

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  1. Fakaaue kehe haau a gahua uka - Thank you for your hard work #Aroha5 with Niue Language Week and Diwali Celebrations ... your photos are awesome ... Mitaki Lahi Siohohoe!