Saturday 27 October 2018

Room 5: Malo Ni Happy Tokelau language week 2018!

Malo Ni! 

In celebration of Tokelau language week. 
During morning and afternoon roll check time Aroha 5 embraced this beautiful Pasifika culture by learning to pronounce Malo Ni! Hello! Through exploring Art and music we learnt to recognise and identify the colours and symbols of the Tokelaun flag.  Along with making connections and similarities from a Tokelaun dance performance with our own personal experiences such as the costumes worn from cartoon characters from the Moana for e.g. Maui and Lilo.  Furthermore with the help of our awesome buddy class Room 20. Aroha 5 have become confident in dancing to a Tokelaun action song called "Lakalaka!"
 Awesome dancing Aroha 5! 
Keep it up !! Chee Hoo!!

Thank you so much to Eliki and his beautiful family for your support in celebration of Tokelau language week. 
Your Tokelaun outfits looked amazing !!!

Fakafetai Fakafetai lahi lele


  1. Your Tokelau flags looks beautiful as a border.

  2. Malo Ni #Aroha5 ... your blog is awesome! Thank you for sharing about How your class celebrated Gagana Tokelau at @RowandaleSchool and thank you for sharing your awesome drawings ... Fakafetai Lahi lele