Monday 9 July 2018

Team Aroha : Room 5 It is Karakia mo te kai time

Here at Rowandale, as part of our Te Tiriti based practice and bi-cultural curriculum.  
Aroha 5 incorporates learning Te Reo Māori by having fun learning and respecting tikanga practices such as saying the karakia mo te kai. 
In fact two weeks into term 2 our students have been awesome listening carefully to the sounds of the words. Followed by every week two students were given the opportunity to take the lead in leading the karakia. So proud of Aroha 5 for taking turns and supporting each other. In which has boosted their confidence in now saying the karakia without looking at the words. 
 Well done Aroha 5!

Karakia mo te Kai 

E te Atua Whakapainga ēnei kai 
Hei oranga mō ō mātou tinana
 Whāngaia hoki ō mātou wairua 
ki te taro o te ora
 Ko Ihu Karaiti tō mātou Ariki 

 Ake, ake, ake, Amine 

Dear Lord Bless this food
 For the goodness of our bodies 
Feeding our spiritual needs also with the bread of life
 Jesus Christ, our Lord
 Forever and ever

Philip and Lucy taking the lead for Karakia mo te kai!

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